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Kettlebell Workout

Let City Fitness help you with whatever fitness goals you are wanting to achieve



Boot Camp classes help build strength and fitness through a variety of exercises (as a group) for more motivation and accountability. Our classes are designed to push people a little bit further than you normally would push yourself in the gym alone. You will gain strength and social support, if you are finding yourself bored at the gym and need an extra push, contact us today and ask about our next Boot Camp!



Also known as " spinning " These classes are geared towards anyone and everyone who enjoys the challenge of a good workout. From hill climbs to all-out sprints both in and out of the saddle, our class will leave you sweaty, out of breath and yet somehow wanting more. Come spin with us!

Cycling Classes

Boot Camp


Looking to reach your goals with workouts that fit your schedule? We offer motivation and accountability in the form of a personal trainer. Learn the proper/safe techniques to accomplish your fitness goals. Check out our personal trainers today or set up and appointment to find yours.

Personal Training

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