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Our Vision at City Fitness is to provide a healthy and informative environment for all of our community members to achieve their fitness goals in.  

Push Ups
                PERSONAL TRAINING
Ok so now that you've got yourself to the gym, what's next? Sometimes all of the equipment and machines can seem a little intimidating at first but that is where our Personal Trainers come in. Providing Knowledge (goal specific) Motivation (something we all need sometimes) and Clarity coupled with Accountability which will allow you a clear and concise program to make working out fun and rewarding. Come schedule a free consultation with one of our Trainers today and let us help you get 'City FIT"  
                CORPORATE FITNESS

Its no secret that the healthier you are the happier you are. That health and happiness is with you all the time even while you're at work. Ask your HR representative today if you are eligible for our Corporate rate. 

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


At City Fitness we absolutely love our group fitness classes. There is something to be said about the energy in a group class setting that sets us on fire! Come try one of our classes today, we guarentee it will be a class you'll want to come back for. 

"City FIT" is a mentality that we've adopted in order to inspire and motivate those around us so that they can be in the best shape of their lives. Come get "City FIT" with us today!!
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